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Your Smile, In Safe Hands

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic we have increased our safety precedures


About Us

Bovingdon Preventative Dental Practice was established in 1998 by Dr Simon Michaels. The practice was previously owned by Dr Davis. Simon has always believed in treating the patient as an individual, rather then just looking solely at the teeth. We strive to use the very best techniques with the newest technology and materials to achieve  treatment for the patient as comfortable as possible.

We offer you the most up to date dental care and equipment in a friendly, cheerful, relaxed atmosphere. For Adults who missed out on Orthodontic`s out as a child here is your chance to straighten those front teeth in a convenient,aesthetic and fast method. This is carried out in 3 to 9 months using the highly acclaimed method by CFAST. See www.cfastresults.co.uk. Once the teeth are straightened we can then provide tooth whitening to complete your now gleaming smile. If interested call up and book your consultation appointment today.

New Patients

"20 Years of Dental Experience in Bovingdon"  

We will do everything possible to see emergency patients on the day you call up. The consultation appointment lasts for 30 mins discussing your treatment needs and if necessary we can take digital x-rays and intra-oral photographs to show details of your teeth. If you have been a regular patient then you may only need a simple cleaning, which we can do if we have the time. Total fee is £95.00 (Including an X-ray)


We will listen to you and provide a treatment plan taking into consideration the risks involved. Full examination undertaken to check for oral cancer. All instruments are sterilised to the highest standards. Use of low dose digital X-Rays, to minimise X-Ray dosage.

Our Location

Make an appointment today by calling:
01442 832212 

60 High Street




Tel: 01442-832-212

Tel: +44 1442-832-212

Email: Bovingdondentist@gmail.com


Car parking at the rear of the practice

Serves Berkhamsted, Chipperfield, Hemel Hempstead, Kings Langley 

and Felden. 

Preventative Treatment

We aim to work with you to prevent and maintain gum disease. We will advise on the correct choice of toothbrush and method specific for your own needs, including advise on the use of dental floss and TePe's...

Cosmetic Dentistry

Due to the advances in dental material throughout the last five years we now have the ability to enhance the way your teeth look by simply using adhesive techniques to add white filling materials (composites) onto the surface of your teeth to improve their shape and colour...

Other Treatment

When a tooth is infected this provides a method of saving your teeth. The techniques involved are demanding and carry a degree of risk. We will do anything possible to make this procedure as comfortable as possible and reduce the risk involved using the latest techniques available.

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60 High Street, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire

Tel: 01442-832-212

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