Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Makeover

Minimal Preparation Dentistry:

Due to the advances in dental material throughout the last five years, we now have the ability to enhance the way your teeth look by simply using adhesive techniques to add white filling materials (composites) onto the surface of your teeth to improve their shape and colour. This has the advantage of being totally painless, reversible, and non-destructive (no need to file your teeth).


Adult Orthodontics:

For those adults who had orthodontics treatment as a child and did not use a retainer afterward, we are able to provide adult orthodontics to correct the position of your teeth visible when you smile.  

Tooth Whitening:

We have had over 20 years of experience in tooth whitening in this practice and offer a take-home whitening kit to provide the most predictable method available today cost is: £350.00 (Includes full hygiene appointment before). 


Involves the replacement of single or multiple teeth without the need for removable dentures. We have specialists in the area we highly recommend to work with.

Crowns and Veneers:

In recent years advances in dental materials have greatly improved the aesthetics of artificial crowns. Today we recommend metal-free crowns, due to their ability to transmit light through creating a life-like tooth. Gone are the days when crowns look artificial!

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