Other Treatments

Root Canal Treatment:

When a tooth is infected this provides a method of saving your teeth. The techniques involved are demanding and carry a degree of risk. We will do anything possible to make this procedure as comfortable as possible and reduce the risk involved using the latest techniques available. In more demanding cases, we will advise referral to a specialist endodontist we work within the area.

Replacement of Old Amalgam Fillings with White Fillings:

To minimize the risk of mercury vapor exposure this will be carried out under a rubber dam. This is a non-latex sheet, which goes through the tooth, but separates this from the rest of your mouth. This barrier helps prevent debris of the filling material being accidentally swallowed. The procedure can take up to 45 minutes. See before and after photos of treatment here.


Immediate dentures can be provided within 48 hours to replace missing teeth. 

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