Preventative Treatment

Gum Disease:

We aim to work with you to prevent and maintain gum disease. We will advise on the correct choice of toothbrush and method specific for your own needs, including advice on the use of dental floss and TePe's. Monitoring the gum disease over a period of time is also necessary to assess how you respond to any treatment. For children, we will discuss individually with the parents concerned, as to the best ways to motivate them to look after their teeth.

Hygiene Appointments are carried out by the Dentist as gently as possible to remove heavy deposits of calculus. De-staining and Polishing of the teeth are also included. For advanced gum disease patients are advised to undertake a course of treatment over a period of weeks. In addition, we offer special 'inserts' to be placed painlessly into the deeper gum pockets to control the infection. These are called Periochips. 

Loss of Enamel from Erosion, Attrition, and Abrasion:

This has become the no. 1 cause of tooth wear today due to our stressful lives. Other causes of this multifactorial issue include consuming acidic foods and drinks. Medical conditions such as gastric reflux and eating disorders also need to be excluded.


We will recognize and assess this for you and offer you the best method to deal with this. Methods include advising on suitable diets, mediating with your GP as to the best medication to take, provision of a nightguard, and repair of the damaged teeth using adhesive white fillings, to replace the lost enamel.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

The main aim is to assess the cause of joint pain. Once diagnosed to provide written instructions on exercises of the jaw to help reduce the pain. In addition, night guard therapy may also be needed.

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